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The Fund

The Fund

Helping create retirement security for generations of Canadians.

$632.3 Billion

Fund net assets at March 31, 2024

$62.3 Billion

Fiscal 2024 increase in net assets


Fiscal 2024 net return (nominal)


10-year annualized net return (nominal)

$336.7 Billion

Cumulative net income for 10-year period

$432.4 Billion

Cumulative net income since inception in 1999

Sustainability of the CPP

The most recent triennial report by the Chief Actuary of Canada indicated that the CPP is sustainable over a 75-year projection period.

Projections of the Fund, being the combined assets of the base and additional CPP accounts, are based on the nominal projections from the 30th Actuarial Report on the Canada Pension Plan as at December 31, 2018.

1 Represents actual total Fund assets as at June 30, 2022

Our Investments

Global Mindset


Countries where we hold investments


Global investment partners

Global Asset Allocation
International Offices

How We Invest

We pursue the best investing opportunities worldwide to meet our commitment to Canadians.

Investment Strategy

We actively buy and sell public and private investments to build a globally diverse portfolio that maximizes long-term returns.

Global Mindset

Our on-the-ground teams in key global financial centres build strong relationships and develop local insights that boost the Fund’s performance.

Comparative Advantages

As a long-term, active investor we benefit from compelling comparative advantages to grow the Fund.

Sustainable Investing

We believe organizations that manage Environmental, Social and Governance factors effectively are more likely to create sustainable value over the long-term.

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