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Private Equity

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Private Equity

Investing in funds, secondaries and directly in private equity, the Private Equity (PE) team is building a global, diversified portfolio designed to outperform comparable passive public alternatives over the long term.

PE seeks higher returns by investing in a wide range of less liquid and longer-term private equity assets; and PE focuses on high alignment of interests between shareholders and management and emphasizes long-term value creation to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns. By maintaining relationships with over 150 private equity fund managers and other specialized partners, we generate skill-based returns throughout the investment cycle in a number of ways:

  • When deciding to invest by accessing the best opportunities, superior information, unique insights and expert structuring and financing of transactions;
  • During the holding period through careful stewardship, enhanced governance, and improvement in assets, operations and profitability; and
  • Upon exit by selecting optimal means and timing and concluding on favorable terms.

Teams within Private Equity:

Direct Private Equity

Direct Private Equity (DPE) is a preferred long-term investor, focused on making direct investments in private companies across North America and Europe.

Private Equity Asia

Private Equity Asia (PE Asia) focuses on private equity investments in the Asia Pacific region through funds, direct investments and secondaries.

Funds & Secondaries

The Private Equity Funds (PE Funds) team pursues investments in North America and Europe that are expected to outperform public benchmarks and create CPP Investments-wide partnering opportunities

Secondaries participates in the private equity secondary markets in North America, Europe and Latin America.

Growth Equity

Growth Equity (GE) invests through integrated funds and direct investment strategies, leveraging partnerships with top-tier GPs and focusing on technologies and innovations. Our scale, expertise and long investment horizon enable us to drive value creation for our partners, portfolio companies and beneficiaries.

Our Private Equity Investments

We are invested globally in funds, secondaries and directly in private equity.
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