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Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) is governed by a comprehensive set of corporate by-laws, policies and procedures.




The Board of Directors establishes by-laws that govern the conduct and management of CPP Investments’ business affairs and compensation for Directors. A copy of every by-law is kept at each of our offices.


By-Law #1
Relates generally to the transaction of the business and affairs of CPP Investments.


By-Law #2
Establishes the remuneration of CPP Investment Directors.




All policies and their accompanying procedures are approved by the Board of Directors.


Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct provides a workable process for identifying, minimizing and resolving conflicts of interest so that officers and employees can discharge their responsibilities effectively while maintaining their integrity. The procedures have been developed to ensure that officers and employees have a full understanding of our principles and values and to assist them in determining appropriate business practices and behaviour.


Communications and Stakeholder Relations Policy

Applies to managing communications and relations with our stakeholders and the news media.


Disclosure Policy
Outlines our commitment to disclose information about our investment activities.


Employee Travel and Expense Policy
Applies to employees and/or contractors when traveling or otherwise incurring expenses in relation to CPP Investment business.


Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy details how CPP Investment manages, uses and discloses personal information that is collected through our external website and through other interactions with individuals, including managing investment activities, CPP Investment-sponsored forums or meetings and use of CPP Investment social media.


Applicant Privacy Policy
The Applicant Policy outlines how CPP Investment collects, uses, discloses and manages personal information of individuals who apply for a job or board of director appointments.


Vendor Governance and Procurement Policy
This Policy establishes CPP Investments’ requirements for the engagement of external vendors to provide goods or services to support its investment activities and global operations.


Policy on Sustainable Investing
Identifies the view we take of the impact of environmental, social and governance factors on long-term investment performance.



Other relevant governance documents

These materials define the various roles and responsibilities of our Board of Directors :


Glossary of Terms used by CPP Investments


Terms of Reference for the Board Chairperson


Terms of Reference for the Board


Guidelines for the Board


Terms of Reference for a Board Director


Director Orientation and Development at CPP Investments


Terms of Reference for Committee Chairs


Guidelines for all Board Committees


Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee


Terms of Reference for the Human Resources and Compensation Committee


Terms of Reference for the Governance Committee


Terms of Reference for the Investment Strategy Committee


Terms of Reference for the Risk Committee


Guidelines for Ad Hoc Board Committees


Director Compensation, Travel and Expense Policies


Investment Statement – Investment Portfolio
Documents the key investment objectives, policies, standards and procedures approved by the Board of Directors for the assets of the long-horizon CPP Investment Portfolio.


Investment Statement – Cash for Benefits
Documents the objectives, policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors for the management of our Cash for Benefits Portfolio. This portfolio holds assets required by the CPP to pay benefits.


Proxy Voting Principles and Guidelines
Provides guidance to the directors and officers of companies in which we own shares on how we are likely to vote on issues put to shareholders.

Privacy Preferences
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