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Whistleblower Hotline

Our Code of Conduct and Guiding Principles of integrity, partnership and high performance provide the ethical framework for our practices. We also believe it is important for our stakeholders to have the ability to report ethical or other issues, or breaches of laws related to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments). This helps us further safeguard our stakeholders’ confidence and protect our world-class reputation and opportunities.


The ClearView Connects™ Whistleblower Hotline is a tool stakeholders can use to report on genuine ethical issues related to CPP Investments. It complements the confidential counsel provided by CPP Investments’ Conduct Review Advisor who is also available to our stakeholders. (See p. 15 of our Code of Conduct for additional information.)


The Whistleblower Hotline provides an additional independent, secure and anonymous reporting tool, with benefits including:

  • anytime confidential access available online, by phone or by mail, globally and in several languages; and
  • a transparent access point for employees, external partners and other stakeholders.


Using the Whistleblower Hotline


You should report any serious misconduct or unethical behaviour. If you are not comfortable raising your concerns directly with someone in CPP Investments or with the Conduct Review Advisor, you can use the hotline to report issues including  but not limited to:

  • Fraud, theft, illegal insider trading, bribery, corruption, money laundering or any other forms of illegality or dishonesty;
  • Conflicts of interest, breaches of confidentiality or fiduciary duty, harassment, discrimination, or other misconduct or unethical behaviour;
  • Repeated or systematic failures to comply with any policy or a breach of policy that could create an enterprise risk or harm to CPP Investments’ reputation;
  • Any wrongdoing within CPP Investments that could give rise to litigation claims, criminal prosecutions, public inquiries or regulatory investigations or proceedings.

Your comments and concerns will be taken seriously.


What not to report through ClearView


This reporting system does not replace the other methods to reach out to CPP Investments for general inquiries (e.g., media inquiries, job/career inquiries). Please visit our Contact Us page for related information.


How to report


You can submit a report using ClearView’s online reporting system, by telephone using the toll-free numbers below, or by mail at the address below.

  • Online reports: Go to  and follow instructions.
  • Telephone hotline: Speak to a live ClearView agent or leave a voice message with your report at the following toll-free numbers:

Canada/US – 1866 358 1782
Australia – 1 800 941 143
UK – 0 800 056 1134
Luxembourg – 800 2 2293
India – 000 800 0401 606
China North – 10 800 714 2369
China South – 10 800 140 2390
Brazil – 0 800 023 0171

  • Mail your report to ClearView’s attention at: P.O. BOX 11017, TORONTO, ONTARIO M1E 1N0

Whistleblower Hotline Privacy Notice:  If you are based in the European Union you can find more information on the personal data we process, how we handle reports, data transfers, the security of your personal data and your available rights in the Whistleblower Hotline Privacy Notice.

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