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Governance Overview

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CPP Investments is recognized internationally as a leading example of sound pension plan management. We are independent of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), operate at arm’s length from federal and provincial governments and are guided by an independent highly qualified, professional Board of Directors.

Our overarching purpose is to assist the Canada Pension Plan in meeting its obligations to Canadian contributors and beneficiaries. To enable this, Canadian governments created a unique governance model allowing Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) to operate as a professional investment organization with a commercial, investment-only mandate.

As outlined in the CPPIB Act, the assets of the Fund are managed in the best interest of the Canadian contributors and beneficiaries who participate in the Canada Pension Plan. These assets are strictly segregated from government funds.

The CPPIB Act has safeguards against any political interference. CPP Investments operates at arm’s length from federal and provincial governments with the oversight of an independent, highly qualified professional Board of Directors.  CPP Investments’ management reports not to governments, but to the CPP Investments’ Board of Directors. The CPP Investments’ Board approves investment policies, determines with management the organization’s strategic direction and makes critical operational decisions.

The CPPIB Act holds our Board of Directors and management accountable for their performance under a rigorous public accountability regime which includes accountability to the federal and provincial Finance Ministers who serve as the stewards of the CPP.

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