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Capital Markets and Factor Investing

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Capital Markets and Factor Investing

The primary goal of the Capital Markets and Factor Investing (CMF) department is to flexibly and efficiently provide CPP Investments with access to scalable, liquid, and diversifying sources of return across global public markets. CMF invests and co-invests globally across asset classes.

CMF invests assets globally in public equities, fixed income securities, currency, commodities and derivatives. CMF is active with internal strategies, engages investment managers and makes co-investments in public market securities. These exposures complement and extend the sources of returns that the Fund can achieve through other investment programs, based primarily on security selection.

CMF’s activities cover two broad categories to:

  • Use our comparative advantages to generate alpha in various systematic (or “rules based”) and discretionary investment programs. This includes external investment management partners.
  • Generate sustainable and scalable investment income from risk premia programs, which earn returns from a diversified portfolio of systematic risk factors

Teams within CMF

External Portfolio Management

External Portfolio Management creates value by engaging external managers whose strategies and expertise complement the overall CPP Investments portfolio.

Systematic Strategies Group

The Systematic Strategies Group develops and manages systematic investment strategies across global markets, spanning equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, and volatility. We invest in absolute return strategies as well as long-only strategies, designed to provide a diversifying return stream to the total fund.

Investment Engineering & Analytics

Investment Engineering & Analytics develops and manages a data and analytics ecosystem for Capital Markets & Factor Investing’s strategies.

Strategy, Risk & Operations

Strategy, Risk & Operations plays a key role in aligning Capital Markets & Factor Investing’s investment strategy to operational execution ensuring optimization of resources across the department.

Our Capital Market Holdings

We are invested globally across public equities, fixed income securities, currencies, commodities and derivatives.
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