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Disclosure and Stakeholder Communication Policy

Our mandate is to invest the assets of the CPP Fund to deliver a maximum rate of return without undue risk of loss. To achieve this, we have developed a sophisticated investment organization that seeks to find the best investment opportunities globally. We do so against the backdrop of an exceptionally long horizon, which means that we make investments with a view to supporting the retirement needs of Canadians well into the future.


Our Disclosure and Stakeholder Communication Policy appropriately reflects our commitment to CPP contributors and beneficiaries, who we believe should be well informed about how their CPP money is managed. It is designed to help them better understand what drives the performance and sustainability of the Fund over time. The approach we take to communicating the investment activities of the Fund exceeds what is required of us by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act, which outlines our statutory obligations.


We strive for consistent disclosure at the organizational and investment department levels within the context of the legal, competitive and practical requirements that are unique to each program. We are committed to reviewing our disclosure policy and practices on an ongoing basis to ensure that they keep pace with the evolution of the organization and the needs of Canadians.

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