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Holdings & Relationships

As a global investment organization, we invest in public equities, private equities, bonds, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and other areas.

You can read about most of our holdings in the following lists. Note that, as our disclosure policy states, we “do not disclose information regarding investments under consideration or not completed, and we respect third-party confidentiality agreements.” We also do not publish information that is commercially sensitive if doing so would potentially mark the value of the asset over time.

These lists document holdings as at the date indicated on each document.

Private Equity

Private Equity (PE) is responsible for all of CPP Investments’ private equity investments globally. By investing in funds, secondaries, and directly in private equity, we seek opportunities to build a global, diversified portfolio that will outperform comparable passive public alternatives over the long term. Our private equity relationships list of fund commitments is updated quarterly, which are published one quarter behind the reporting period. We do not disclose information on those investments where a third party confidentiality agreement is in place, obligating to the protection of competitive interests.

To learn more about our private equity investments and teams, please visit Private Equity.

Public Equity Holdings

CPP Investments invests in publicly-traded equity and fixed income securities, and in listed and over-the-counter derivatives that are based upon the price of these assets, commodities, currencies and interest rates. Investments in public markets are the largest component of the CPP Fund. Our public equity disclosure lists include both long and short exposures obtained through derivative instruments in addition to physical holdings to provide a more complete view of our economic exposure to individual company names. We believe that this form of disclosure best reflects the Fund’s true investment position. We disclose our public equity holdings on an annual basis as at fiscal year end.

To learn more about our public market investment activities please visit Active Equities and Capital Markets & Factors Investing.

Real Estate 

CPP Investments builds and manages a portfolio of property investments, which offers stable income streams that rise with inflation over the long term, and asset values that likewise grow over time. As such, it provides diversification benefits to the Fund, as it has a relatively low correlation with other asset classes such as public equities and bonds, and helps cushion the Fund against market and business-cycle volatility. We update our real estate holdings list on a quarterly basis.

To learn more about our real estate activities and the teams who manage our investments, please visit Real Assets.

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