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Debt Issuance

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Debt Issuance

Our multi-currency term debt program is designed to provide safe, secure and highly liquid investment opportunities for a broad base of investors.

Why we issue debt

To ensure sound diversification, in addition to equities and bonds, the CPP Investments fund includes many assets which are regarded as relatively “safe” – such as real estate or infrastructure. However, because of their lower individual risks, the inclusion of substantial amounts of these assets into the investment portfolio makes it hard to reach the higher overall levels of risk which we have targeted. We therefore issue a modest amount of debt to maintain our targeted level of risk, while still enjoying the benefits of portfolio diversification.

About our debt issuance program

Our Debt issuance offers high quality diversification to the AAA investor’s portfolio at a very attractive spread. Benchmark offerings along the entire maturity spectrum will provide the broadest range of investment options to our global investor base.

Investors should know…

CPP Investments is accountable to Parliament and to federal and provincial stewards. While we operate at arm’s length from government and we have an investment-only mandate, we are subject to rigorous accountability requirements, which are deeply ingrained in the CPPIB Act as well as in the policies and practices that govern our Board, our officers and our employees. Debt issued by CPP Investments is not guaranteed by governments.

Long-Term Funding

  • CPP Investments will look to issue 4-5 liquid benchmarks in Calendar 2020
  • CPP Investments will focus on benchmark maturities and may issue in US dollars, Euros, GBP and CAD
  • CPP Investments may issue a Green Bond as part of the benchmark funding plan.

 Short-Term Funding

  • CPP Investments operates CP programmes for liquidity management purposes.
  • Additionally, CPP Investments has the ability to issue shorter dated, non-benchmark notes, in response to investor demand.

Index Inclusion 


Term Debt issued by CPP Investments can be found in the following indices:

  • Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index
  • Bloomberg Barclays US Universal Index
  • Bloomberg Barclays Euro Aggregate Index
  • JP Morgan Global Aggregate Bond Index
  • JP Morgan Aggregate Index Euro
  • Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Green Bond Index
  • BAML Green Bond Index
  • S&P Green Bond Index
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