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Active Equities

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Active Equities

Active Equities (AE) invests globally in public and soon-to be public companies, externally managed funds as well as securities focused on long-horizon structural changes which can include earlier-stage private companies.

AE is comprised of six investment groups: Active Fundamental Equities, Relationship Investments, Fundamental Equities Asia, Thematic Investing, Direct Equity Investments Latin America as well as Sustainable Investing.

Active Fundamental Equities

Active Fundamental Equities (AFE) invests in public equities and soon-to-be listed companies, primarily in North America and EMEA.

Fundamental Equities Asia

Fundamental Equities Asia (FEA) uses fundamental research to invest in quality public or soon-to-be-public corporate securities throughout Asia for the long term.

Relationship Investments

Relationship Investments (RI) makes cornerstone minority equity investments in listed and soon-to-be listed companies in North America and Europe.

Research and Portfolio Strategy

The Research and Portfolio Strategy team partners with the investment teams across Active Equities to enhance their traditional investment research with advanced analytical capabilities that leverage large, unstructured, and alternative data.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing (SI) works to ensure environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities are incorporated into investment decision-making and asset management.

Thematic Investing

Thematic Investing (TI) conducts in-depth, top-down research to identify long-term structural trends that could affect CPP Investments’ Fund returns, and translates the resulting insights into actionable investments.

Direct Equity Investments Latin America

Direct Equity Investments Latin America (DEILA) is a regional program dedicated to investing through a broad and flexible mandate that incorporates private equity (directly and through funds) and public equities investing.

Our Active Equity Holdings

We are invested globally in public and soon to be public companies, as well as securities focused on long-horizon structural changes.
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